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In Scope

Scope Type Scope Name
android_application Authy Android Application
api Twilio APIs
ios_application Authy iOS Application
other Twilio Helper Libraries
other Twilio WebRTC Client
other Twilio Wireless
web_application *
web_application *
web_application *
web_application Twilio CDNs (static*

Out of Scope

Scope Type Scope Name
other Authy Desktop App
other TwimlBins
web_application All Third party hosted services, such as are explicitly out of scope.
web_application Ytica and its assets
web_application Demo websites e.g.
web_application All Kurento domains
web_application SendGrid and its Assets


Ensuring the security and integrity of the Twilio platform is critical to the service we provide to our customers. We are committed to providing a secure product and appreciate help from the community in responsibly identifying ways for us to improve Twilio. We will make an effort to respond as fast as possible.

Rules of Engagement

  • Bounties are awarded differently per product (see below for more details on payouts).
  • Network Level DDoS/DoS attacks are forbidden. Application volumetric DDoS/DoS attacks are forbidden, if you find a request that takes too long to answer report it, please do not try to DoS the service.
  • Interacting with real customers is forbidden.
  • To prevent being locked out please throttle automated testing
  • Please note, if you think you have found a problem but cannot prove it without accessing Twilio's Internal Systems, please submit your finding and we'll be happy to work with you for validation.
  • Please ensure that you use your email address when creating accounts and testing
  • While creating any assets please use bugcrowd--

For the initial prioritization/rating of findings, this program will use theBugcrowd Vulnerability Rating Taxonomy. However, it is important to note that in some cases a vulnerability priority will be modified due to its likelihood or impact. In any instance where an issue is downgraded, a full, detailed explanation will be provided to the researcher - along with the opportunity to appeal, and make a case for a higher priority.


Category | Primary | Secondary | Other
P1 | $3,000 - $8,000 | $500 - $1,000 | $100 - $200
P2 | $1000 - $2,500 | $200 - $500 | Kudos -$100
P3 | $200 - $400 | $100 - $200 | N/A
P4 | $100 - $150 | Kudos | N/A

Target Overview

Primary Targets

Secondary Targets


In scope

Target name | Type
* | Other | API
* | Website
* | Website
Twilio APIs | API
Authy iOS Application | iOS
Authy Android Application | Android
Twilio CDNs (static* | Other
Twilio Helper Libraries | Other | Other
*.sip.* | Other
Twilio WebRTC Client | Other | Website
Twilio Wireless | Other

Out of scope

Target name | Type
All Third party hosted services, such as are explicitly out of scope. | Website
Ytica and its assets | Website
Authy Desktop App | Other
TwimlBins | Other | Website
Demo websites e.g. | Website
All Kurento domains | Website | Website | Website | Website
SendGrid and its Assets | Website

Other Targets

Any host/web property verified to be owned by Twilio (domains/IP space/etc.) but not listed in Primary or Secondary targets and not listed as Out of Scope.

NOTE: If a submission falls under Secondary or Other targets, and has a significant impact, bounty may be increased at Twilio’s discretion.

Focus Areas

Core Twilio Products
Twilio Console
Twilio APIs
Twilio WebRTC Client

Excluded Submission Types

  • "Session too long," password reset/change logout or other intended business functionality
  • All Wordpress-related findings
  • Flash findings that require Flash to be enabled
  • OpenVBX related findings
  • Subdomain takeovers of TLD's used for demo or test purposes [such as]
  • Cookie valid after password change/reset
  • Forgot password auto-login
  • Denial of service or rate limiting issues
  • Resource Exhaustion attacks
  • Login or Forgot Password page brute force and account lockout not enforced
  • Non-existent or weak captcha / captcha bypass
  • Email validation not enforced
  • Presence of application or web browser ‘autocomplete’ or ‘save password’ functionality.
  • SSL/TLS Issues such as:BEAST, BREACH, SSL insecure cipher suites enabled.
  • Vulnerabilities that are limited to older/unsupported browsers
  • Known vulnerabilities in libraries used by Twilio, usage of an outdated third party library (e.g. jQuery, Apache etc) unless you can prove exploitability.
Public Disclosure

Twilio does not permit public disclosure at this point in time.

Twilio Safe Harbor

We will not pursue civil action or initiate a complaint to law enforcement for accidental, good faith violations of this policy. We consider activities conducted consistent with this policy to constitute “authorized” conduct under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act. To the extent your activities are inconsistent with certain restrictions in our Acceptable Use Policy, we waive those restrictions for the limited purpose of permitting security research under this policy. We will not bring a DMCA claim against you for circumventing the technological measures we have used to protect the applications in scope.
If legal action is initiated by a third party against you and you have complied with Twilio's bug bounty policy, Twilio will take steps to make it known that your actions were conducted in compliance with this policy.
Please submit a BugCrowd report to us before engaging in conduct that may be inconsistent with or unaddressed by this policy

Program rules

This program follows Bugcrowd’s standard disclosure terms.

This program does not offer financial or point-based rewards for P5 — Informational findings. Learn more about Bugcrowd’s VRT.

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