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A vulnerability disclosure policy (VDP), also referred to as a responsible disclosure policy, describes how an organization will handle reports of vulnerabilities submitted by ethical hackers. A VDP must thus be easily identifiable via a simple way, a security.txt notice.

# British Broadcasting Corporation - reporting security vulnerabilities to the BBC

# Please report any security vulnerabilities to us via the contact method(s) below, only after reading our disclosure policy.
# Please do not include any sensitive information in your initial message, we'll provide a secure communication method in our reply to you.
Contact: mailto:security@bbc.co.uk

# Our disclosure policy. By submitting a potential security incident to us, you are implicitly accepting these terms - please read this before submitting:
Policy: https://www.bbc.com/backstage/security-disclosure-policy/

# We're continually recruiting, please visit the link below and search for "information security" if you're interested in a career with the BBC in infosec
Hiring: https://careers.bbc.co.uk/search

Expires: 2038-01-19T03:14:07Z

# The BBC SOC does have some folks who speak languages other than English, however coverage isn't guaranteed for anything other than English
Preferred-Languages: en

# Please see https://securitytxt.org/ for details of the specification of this file

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