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TEAMVIEWER : Vulnerability Disclosure Policy

TEAMVIEWER Vulnerability Disclosure Policy

This policy describes TeamViewer’s approach to requesting and receiving reports related to potential vulnerabilities and errors in its products and services from those that interact with such products and services.

TeamViewer highly appreciates the effort made by those who go to the time and effort (the reporting party) in identifying and reporting the vulnerability or error. Reporting of such vulnerabilities and errors will contribute to improving the security and reliability of our product and services.


Every customer, user, researcher, partner and any other person that interacts with TeamViewer’s products and services is encouraged to report identified vulnerabilities and errors they identify in our products and services.


The preferred method for contacting TeamViewer regarding such vulnerabilities and errors is by using the form present on this page.

Please note that supplying your contact information with your report is entirely voluntary and at your discretion.

Participating in this vulnerability disclosure does not give you any right to intellectual property owned by TeamViewer or a third party.


After your report is received, TeamViewer may make use of all reports that are submitted; both those submitted anonymously and those with contact information.

If you do submit your contact information, TeamViewer may contact you to follow up with you for clarification purposes. TeamViewer will only use such information to get in touch with you regarding clarifying the details of your report, if that is necessary. TeamViewer does not guarantee that you will receive any response from TeamViewer related to your report.

Please visit TeamViewer’s Vulnerabilty Disclosure Privacy Policy to see how we respect the privacy of your personal data: www.teamviewer.com/en/vdp-privacy-policy/


By making a report to TeamViewer using the form on this page, or otherwise communicating a report to TeamViewer, regarding vulnerabilities and errors, you agree to the following terms:

TeamViewer may use your report for any purpose deemed relevant by TeamViewer, including without limitation, for the purpose of correcting any vulnerabilities and errors that are reported and that TeamViewer deems to exist and to require correction.

To the extent that you propose any changes and/or improvements to a TeamViewer product or service in your report, you assign to TeamViewer all use and ownership rights to such proposals.

You warrant to TeamViewer that:

You have not exploited or used in any manner, and will not exploit or use in any manner (other than for the purposes of reporting to TeamViewer), the discovered vulnerabilities and/or errors;

You have not engaged, and will not engage, in testing/research of systems with the intention of harming TeamViewer, its customers, employees, partners or suppliers;

You have not used, misused, deleted, altered or destroyed, and will not use, misuse, delete, alter or destroy, any data that you have accessed or may be able to access in relation to the vulnerability and/or error discovered;

You have not conducted, and will not conduct, social engineering, spamming, phishing, denial-of-service or resource-exhaustion attacks;

You have not tested, and will not test, the physical security of any property, building, plant or factory of TeamViewer;

You have not breached, and will not breach, any applicable laws in connection with your report and your interaction with TeamViewer product or service that lead to your report.

We kindly ask you not to disclose to any third party any information related to your report, the vulnerabilities and/or errors reported, nor the fact that any vulnerabilities and/or errors have been reported to TeamViewer without first allowing TeamViewer a reasonable period of not less than 90 days to remediate the vulnerabilities/errors.

You agree that you are making your report without any expectation or requirement of reward or other benefit, financial or otherwise, for making such report, and without any expectation or requirement that the vulnerabilities and/or errors reported are corrected by TeamViewer.


TeamViewer pledges not to initiate legal actions against customers, users, researchers, partners and any other person as long as they adhere to this policy and:

Engage in testing/research of systems without harming TeamViewer, its customers, employees or third parties;

Do not use or alter data it might access during its discovery;

Do not conduct social engineering, spam, or phishing attacks;

Do not test the physical security of any property of TeamViewer or third parties;

Comply with applicable laws (other than those that would result in claims by TeamViewer)

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