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The scope of the bug bounty is :

Function Domain
Customer Dashboard & API app.datadome.co
Captcha API c.datadome.co
Protection API api.datadome.co
Client Side API used by JS or SDK api-js.datadome.co
Corporate Site datadome.co
Server-Side modules (in customer infrastructure) docs.datadome.co
Authentication auth.datadome.co

Keep in mind this is a production environment, no data alterations are allowed inside DataDome infrastructure or on DataDome customer Cloud infrastructure, and, therefore, you must not affect the availability of the platform.

Testing Policy and Responsible Disclosure

Please adhere to the following rules while performing research on this program:

  • Denial of service (DoS) attacks on DataDome applications, servers, networks or infrastructure are strictly forbidden.
  • Avoid tests that could cause degradation or interruption of our services.
  • Do not use automated scanners or tools that generate a large amount of network traffic.
  • Only perform tests against your own accounts to protect our users' privacy.
  • Do not leak, manipulate, or destroy any user data or files in any of our applications/servers.
  • Do not copy any files from our applications/servers and disclose them.
  • No vulnerability disclosure, full, partial or otherwise, is allowed.

Reward Eligibility

We are happy to thank everyone who submits valid reports which help us improve the security of DataDome, however only those that meet the following eligibility requirements may receive a monetary reward:

  • You must be the first reporter of a vulnerability.
  • The vulnerability must be a qualifying vulnerability (see below).
  • The report must contain the following elements:
  • Clear textual description of the vulnerability, how it can be exploited, the security impact it has on the application, its users and DataDome, and remediation advice on fixing the vulnerability.
  • Proof of exploitation: screenshots and/or videos demonstrating the exploit was performed, and showing the final impact.
  • Provide complete steps with the necessary information to reproduce the exploit, including (if necessary) code snippets, payloads, commands etc
  • You must not break any of the testing policy rules listed above
  • You must not be a former or current employee of DataDome or one of its contractors.

Our security team will review each committed finding and establish communication as soon as possible to reproduce and solve the reported vulnerability. Please allow 5 working days for our initial response. We ask you to make a good faith effort to avoid privacy violations, destruction of data and interruption or degradation of our service during your research.

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Out of Scope

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All domains not listed In-Scope

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