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A vulnerability disclosure policy (VDP), also referred to as a responsible disclosure policy, describes how an organization will handle reports of vulnerabilities submitted by ethical hackers. A VDP must thus be easily identifiable via a simple way, a security.txt notice.

# If you would like to report a security issue
# you may report it to me on Email .
Contact: null@1337r00t.me


## (Targets) In Scope :-
- *.1337r00t.me

## Eligibility :-
To qualify for a reward under this program, you must:-
- Be the first to report a specific vulnerability.
- Send a clear textual description of the report along with steps to reproduce the vulnerability. Include attachments such as screenshots or proof of concept code as necessary with exploit (Video *).
- Disclose the vulnerability report responsibly to me. Public disclosure or disclosure to other third parties - including vulnerability brokers - before i addressed your report forfeit the reward.

## Bounties (PayPal Only) :-

[LOW] -> (Swag) (ex: Rate-Limit issues)
[MED] -> (Swag) (ex: CSRF Attack)
[HIGH] -> 500$ + Swag (ex: RCE/SQLi)
## Out of scope (Vulns):-
- Attacks requiring physical access .
- Invalid or missing SPF (Sender Policy Framework) records and Low SSL issues
- Bypass of URL malware detection and MiTM Attacks
- Social engineering
- Rate-Limit without any impact .
- Issues without clearly identified security impact .

## Fine Print :-
You must comply with all applicable laws in connection with your participation in this program. You are also responsible for any applicable taxes associated with any reward you receive.
We may modify the terms of this program or terminate this program at any time. We won’t apply any changes we make to these program terms retroactively. 



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