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Gliph Responsible Disclosure Program

Our team appreciates the work of security researchers and their efforts to

keep our community safe. We want promote responsible disclosure of security

vulnerabilities and provide a means for you to share information with us.

We've created this page to discuss this.

Responsible disclosure includes:

  • Giving Gliph a reasonable amount of time to fix an issue before you publish it.

  • Making a good faith effort to avoid privacy violations, the destruction of data or interuption of service.

If you follow these rules, we will not bring a lawsuit against you or involve

a law enforcement agency. We'll thank you.

We are at the start of our responsible disclosure program. At this time, we

are offering to publish the names and link out to whitehats who have helped

Gliph realize and fix security bugs. At some point in the future, we may

retroactively reward all Whitehats. We may also institute an official bounty

program at any time.

Policy Exclusions

This list is not necessarily complete. We evaluate all reports on a case-by-

case basis.

  • Denial of Service vulnerabilities

  • Spam or Social Engineering techniques

  • Non-security related bugs

  • Issues related to WordPress

How to Disclose

You can disclose a vulnerability by emailing We will do our

best to respond as quickly as possible. You may also report it directly to the

Support Gliph.

In your disclosure, please include a description and potential impact, steps

to reproduce the issue or a proof of concept and a name and link for

attribution (if desired).

Thank you for helping us keep the Gliph community safe!

Security Researchers

Bug Reports

Note: This list consists of bug reports of a significant nature. It is not

covered by our responsible disclosure policy and names are included at our


  • Sunil Dadhich (@Sunil_Dadhich7)

  • Anand Sundar Tiwari (@anandtiwarics)

  • Harsha Vardhan Boppana (@hvboppana)

  • J Muhammed Gazzaly (@gazly)

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