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Your data security is of paramount importance to us at Logentries. Our focus on security cuts across every layer of the Logentries platform, and the service was designed from the ground up as a secure, highly available, and massively scalable multi-tenant log management and analytics platform. At Logentries we follow best practices in securely gathering and storing your data. Our founders and employees come from renowned international research centers and respected security companies in the industry. Our team is made up of security veterans and established researchers with years of industry experience, PhDs and MScs. With Logentries your logs are stored remotely from your running systems. This is recommended as a security best practice; if your system is compromised, a hacker will often delete the logs on your local system to remove any evidence of his/her activity. By storing your logs remotely this cannot be performed as you will have a redundant copy of the log data at Logentries.

At Logentries we redirect all web HTTP requests to our website to HTTPS. This ensures the integrity of the Logentries website by using SSL authentication between the Customer and the Logentries web interface. The Logentries service must show a valid SSL certificate to each Customer to initiate this link. Perfect Forward Secrecy is also used on our web servers for HTTPS. In addition to the usual confidentiality and integrity properties of HTTPS, forward secrecy adds a new property. If an adversary is currently recording all a users’ encrypted traffic, and they later crack or steal Logentries private keys, by using perfect forward secrecy they should not be able to use those keys to decrypt the recorded traffic at a point in the future.

All your data is encrypted when sent to Logentries over secure TCP connections using Secure Socket Layer (SSL). For secure communication, users download a unique key to authenticate with the cloud service so that log data will only be accepted from trusted sources

We understand that in some cases your systems and applications can handle sensitive data and you may have concerns about what data is sent to Logentries. We understand these concerns and provide our customers with complete control over what, if any, sensitive data is sent to Logentries. We provide our customers with data filtering capabilities such that sensitive data can be filtered from your log data before it leaves your environment.

The Logentries Cloud Infrastructure is powered by Amazon Web Services. The service has been designed and managed in alignment with leading industry regulations, operating standards, and recognized best-practices including SOC 1 (formerly SAS70), SOC 2, SOC 3, ISO 27001, PCI DSS Level 1, and other industry certifications and attestations. Because the Logentries Log Management and Analytics Application runs within and depends on our Cloud Infrastructure, data protection and security assurances are essential and provide the foundational elements for supporting industry compliance and robust policy controls. By having our application workloads in a secure, industry-certified environment, our infrastructure provides a higher level of security at scale, while providing worldwide service delivery and industry-leading reliability.

Logentries can be configured to operate securely in regulated environments such as PCI or HIPAA, and is US-EU Safe Harbor certified. We follow PCI best practices and any webpages receiving credit card information are encrypted. We never directly log any credit card data, and we protect our customers by keeping our site safe from Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) attacks.

Logentries takes security vulnerabilities very seriously. If you have a security question, would like to discuss our data protection policies, or have identified a potential vulnerability, please contact us immediately via email at [email protected] or for general questions please email [email protected]
Some of the issues you may identify are potentially deliberate in order to provide compatibility with historic versions. Please do not report about the following issues:

  • Logout CSRF
  • Email configuration (SPF, etc.)
  • Missing security headers which do not lead directly to a vulnerability
  • Rate limiting
  • Autocomplete password fields

In addition the following systems are considered out of scope as well:

  • forum.logentries.com
  • info.logentries.com

At Logentries we follow industry best practices and work to maintain a responsible disclosure policy. We appreciate community help in disclosing any issues to us in a responsible and ethical manner. We will work with individuals or organizations to resolve any such concerns or issues you may identify. Note, publicly disclosing a vulnerability without our cooperation can put the service at risk and may affect all users, not just a single user or organization. We ask anyone who discloses an issue to please act in good faith towards our users’ privacy and data during your disclosure. We do not take legal action against those who disclose security concerns and act accordingly: White hat researchers are always appreciated. Obviously, certain attack patterns such as (D)DoS are not considered as White hat techniques. We would like to say thank you to the following users for sharing your thoughts on how to improve the security of our service.

  • Germán Sánchez Garcés
  • Jitendra Jaiswal
  • Muhammad Shahmeer
  • Rafael Pablos
  • Tarek Siddiki
  • Suhas Sunil Gaikwad
  • Ketan Sirigiri
  • Nitin Goplani
  • Devesh Bhatt
  • Jeevan Dahake
  • Rodolfo Godalle
  • Evan Ricafort
  • Scott Glossop
  • Clifford Trigo
  • Kamil Sevi
  • Ajay Singh Negi
  • Prashant Negi
  • Rakesh Singh
  • Harish Kumar
  • Sandeep Sodhi
  • Mihir Mistry
  • Anurag Giri
  • Shanthan Palvai
  • Madhu Akula
  • Paras Katiyar
  • Babar Khan Akhunzada
  • Talha Mahmood
  • Indrajith AN
  • Asim Shahzad
  • SaifAllah benMassaoud
  • Ben Khlifa Fahmi
  • Sree Visakh Jain
  • C.Vishnu Vardhan Reddy / Sane Sindhuja Reddy
  • Dipak kumar Das
  • Mohamed CHAMLI
  • Ali Salem Saeed ( Ali BawazeEer )
  • Russel Van Laurio
  • Karim Mohamed
  • Brandon Wu
  • Alan Norton
  • Satheesh Raj
  • Sandeep Singh Jadon
  • Mantej Singh Rajpal
  • Cristian Joseph D. Legacion
  • Shwetabh Suman ( @shwetabhsuman11 )

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