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The security and privacy of your data is critically important to SolarWinds and the AppOptics team. We have implemented strong security standards both within the product and in our operational processes to protect your data.

You place your trust in SolarWinds® AppOptics™ and we strive to earn that trust every day. Below are some details specific to how AppOptics protects your data and incorporates security into our processes and services. We’ve also provided a link with more detailed information about SolarWinds security.

## Types of Data

Types of Data

SolarWinds AppOptics currently allows customers to select the types of data they send to AppOptics, and AppOptics receives only the data customers explicitly select to forward. There are four different types of data you can choose to send AppOptics.

Safe Data Transmission

Safe Data Transmission

Depending on the types of data the you select to send AppOptics, the data transfer is performed via browser, agent, or API connections. All data is transferred over Transport Layer Security (TLS) encrypted connections.

AppOptics relies on several methods to secure access to data in transit. The web authentication is performed using login credentials and password. The AppOptics API and agent authentication use a unique customer token to help secure access. Interactions with the AppOptics User Interface are via TLS encrypted sessions.

GDPR and Security Compliance

GDPR and Security Compliance

SolarWinds products and services are developed with the principles of privacy by design and default as outlined in Article 25 of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Our products are designed with appropriate privacy and security features in mind. SolarWinds has developed a process to support the data subject rights, as mandated by GDPR and other regulations. For more information on GDPR, see our GDPR resource center.

AppOptics pursues independent third-party validations of its security, processes, and services including completion of the SOC 2 Type 1 audit. Additional information on security compliance and certifications can be found here.

Questions and more security info

For more details on SolarWinds and AppOptics security please view the SolarWinds Security Statement.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out and ask us about any security questions or concerns you might have. Email us at support@appoptics.com.

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