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We attach great importance to safety of our products and services. Every reported security vulnerability is checked elaborately by our development team who may release patches or online fixes and inform customers about the importance of such patches or online fixes.

In order to keep the reporting process efficient researchers may follow to these guidelines:

Reporting Security Vulnerabilities to MAGIX

  • After having detected a potential vulnerability in a MAGIX software product or online service please let us know.
  • Researchers who want to report a vulnerability should send an e-mail to security@magix.net.
  • One of our development team members will get back to you via email.

Providing fixes requieres time.

  • Please take into consideration that we need sufficient time to develop, to comprehensively test and to provide patches – especially in the case of a patch concerning more than one version of the respective product. This typically should take less than 6 months depending on the complexity of the patch and impact of the bug.

Please give us feedback before you make security vulnerabilities public.

  • The MAGIX Quality Management team is permanently checking our products for security vulnerabilities. If they find a security hole a patch will be provided as fast as possible and users of registered MAGIX products are automatically informed about the availability. So possibly your finding may be redundant already or shortly after you have discovered it.

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