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Security Vulnerability Rewards Program

Our customers’ security is a top priority for the Cisco Meraki team. We invest heavily in tools, processes, and technologies to keep our users and their networks safe, including third-party audits, features like two-factor authentication, and our out of band cloud management architecture. The Cisco Meraki vulnerability rewards program is an important component of our security strategy, encouraging external researchers to collaborate with our security team to help keep networks safe.

Reporting security issues

If you are a user and have a security issue to report regarding your account (issues including password problems and account abuse issues), non-security bugs, and questions about issues with your network please contact Cisco Meraki Support.

If you think you’ve discovered a vulnerability in a Cisco Meraki product or service, please report this through our Bug Bounty program through Bugcrowd. We are only accepting vulnerability reports through this program. We have detailed the following in our program brief:

  • How to report a security issue
  • Targets in and out of scope
  • Information and documentation about the targets
  • Test account setup
  • Rewards
  • Vulnerability ratings
  • The full scope of engagement detailing what is and is not allowed
  • All legal terms and definitions regarding the program

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