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Lyft Security

Lyft drivers and passengers entrust us with their personal information and travel details in order to get them where they're going. We work hard to keep Lyft safe, and keep our users’ data secure and private.

Reporting security vulnerabilities

If you believe you've discovered a security bug or vulnerability in the Lyft app, please report it to us at We will investigate your report and respond to you as soon as possible. Please do not disclose your reported findings to others until we've had an opportunity to respond and address them. By keeping your reports private until we resolve them, you’re helping keep Lyft secure for our entire community.

Driver & passenger safety issues

Our Trust & Safety team is available around the clock to take care of our community. If you are involved in an incident that you believe threatens your personal safety, call the authorities by dialing 911 or your local non- emergency assistance line. Then call our Critical Response Line through our call tool.

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