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Frans Visits Vegas

UPDATE: Our webinar with Frans Rosen can be found at: Youtube: Frans Goes To Vegas __.

On Wednesday, July 26th at 21:00 Pacific Time, Frans Rosén ( hosted a webinar entitled:

"How To Win Over Security Teams and Gain Influence as a Hacker."

The event was hosted on Youtube Live and was recorded for future viewing on HackerOne's Youtube channel.

Frans, Justin Calmus (VP of Hacker Success), and Ted Kramer (Chief of Staff) talked about how they got started in hacking, what tools they use, how they treat other hackers, how they behave when interacting with security teams, and the results that come with being successful at hacking.

Finally, we did a Q&A with Frans and Justin. Hackers submitted their report to the program and we answered some on air and others via the report!

We hope you enjoyed the webinar!

Happy hacking!

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