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Sass __was originally written in Ruby. Ruby's great, but people started having a couple of issues. First, we want everyone to enjoy Sass, no matter what language they use. Why restrict everyone to using Ruby? In addition, Ruby can be kind of slow. Lowering compile time for users is important. Enter LibSass.

LibSass is a C/C++ port of the Sass engine. The point is to be simple, fast, and easy to integrate. Find out more about the project over at GitHub __.


LibSass or any of its official language bindings. All these repositories are available on GitHub.

Responsible disclosure

An issue will be publicly disclosed via each projects respective changelog once all the affected aforementioned libraries have new releases addressing said issue.

Bounties and rewards

Unfortunately, we cannot offer any financial rewards right now, as this project is open-source without any revenue. We hope that public credit and the feeling of having done good may be gratifying.

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