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The MapLogin Bug Bounty Program applies to security vulnerabilities found within the MapLogin public-facing online environment at https:///
Bugs which directly or indirectly affect the confidentiality or integrity of user data are prime candidates for reward. Some characteristics that are considered in
"qualifying" bugs include those that:

  • Directly affect the confidentiality or integrity of user data
  • Compromise the integrity of the system
  • Enable unauthorized access to significant data or resources
  • Interfere with or bypass security controls or mechanisms
  • Are exploitable (i.e. not purely theoretical)
  • Can be launched remotely

There are categories of bugs which are definitively excluded from reward in the
MapLogin Bug Bounty Program:

  • Social engineering and physical attacks
  • Denial of service attacks
  • Violation of licenses or other restrictions applicable to any vendor's product
  • Security bugs in third-party applications (e.g. java, plugins). Notice such bugs may be valid for reward by their respective origin.

We believe in recognizing the work of others.
If your work helps us improve the security of our service, we 'd be happy to acknowledge your contribution.

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