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ThisData is committed to keeping our user's data safe and secure. Working with the community of security experts is an important way we stay up to date with the latest security techniques. If you discover something we should know about, we encourage you to reach out. We'll make every effort to quickly correct the issue.

Technologies we use include Rails, Backbone, S3, SQS, and ElasticSearch.

Automated testing is not permitted

We will review submitted issues within 30 days, and hopefully within 7 days.


We believe in recognizing the work of others. If your work helps us improve the security of our service, we'll be happy to acknowledge your contribution in our Hall of Fame.


To promote the discovery and reporting of vulnerabilities and increase user safety, we ask and require that you:

  • Do not attempt a denial-of-service attack.
    • This includes spamming Intercom or the Contact Us form.
  • Act in good faith not to interrupt or degrade the performance of our services (including denial of service).
  • Do not access, modify, delete, or store data that does not belong to you, or attempt to do so
  • Do not make any information public until the issue has been resolved
  • Do not perform automated testing
  • Do not deface any part of our service
  • Do not pivot an exploit (e.g. an RCE) beyond a basic Proof of Concept, unless explicitly given permission by ThisData


  • Issues related to services or software that is not under ThisData's control. e.g.
    • Issues which require our user's email account to be compromised
    • Issues where physical access to the user's device / network is required (e.g. MitM)
    • help.thisdata.com - this is run by ReadMe.io, and unless it's a problem in our implementation, and vulnerabilities there are better addressed to them
  • Any physical attempts against ThisData's property or data centres
  • Presence of autocomplete attribute on web forms
  • Most best practice issues (e.g. SPF soft fail, user password requirements)
    • If you think it's important, we'd love to hear it. Many of these issues are related to conscious design decisions though.
  • Please do not submit any XSS reports that manually intercept HTTP headers in order to manually edit them. These would be self-inflicted or require a further MITM attack.

This program have been found on Hackerone on 2014-11-17.

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