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In Scope

Scope Type Scope Name
android_application __
ios_application card/id1262148500?ls=1&mt=8 __
web_application You won’t need test accounts for this as it will be public facing sites for now.

Out of Scope

Scope Type Scope Name
web_application *
web_application __ Bug Bounty Program recognizes the importance of security researchers in helping keep our community safe. We encourage responsible disclosure of security vulnerabilities via our bug bounty program described on this page.
Note: This program is for the disclosure of software security vulnerabilities only.


  • Please do not Publicly Disclose any vulnerabilities without our consent. We will not approve Public Disclosure requests until the vulnerability has been resolved.
  • Do not intentionally harm the experience or usefulness of the service to others, including degradation of services and denial of service attacks.
  • Do not use scanners or automated tools to find vulnerabilities. They are noisy and we may ban your IP address.
  • Do not attempt non-technical attacks such as social engineering, phishing, or physical attacks against our employees, users, or infrastructure.
  • In case of receiving duplicate reports of a specific vulnerability, only the first report is eligible for a reward.
  • By submitting a bug, you agree to be bound by the rules.


In Scope Assets See Structured Scope

  • An issue identified in the applications listed in Structured Scopes only, qualifies for the program. Once the report has been triaged as valid, it’s considered for the bug bounty.
  • All services provided by are eligible for our bug bounty program, including the Wallet App [Crypto Wallet / Invest / Card / Earn / Credit].
  • Note: Severity shown in the structured scopes indicates the maximum severity possible for reports submitted to the asset.
  • Over time, additional apps or web application may come into scope, so please check back regularly.
  • For now, only the apps listed as in scope have opted-in to the Security Rewards Program and are eligible for rewards.

Out of Scope

The following domains below are hosted by third parties, and are not currently eligible for our bug bounty program (unless they lead to a vulnerability on the main website):

  • Any other service not directly hosted or controlled by will determine at its discretion whether a vulnerability is eligible for a reward and the amount of the award.

Non-Qualifying Vulnerabilities in the Mobile Apps

  • Software bugs that have no security impact.
  • Shared links leaked through the system clipboard.
  • Any URIs leaked because a malicious app has permission to view URIs opened
  • Absence of certificate pinning
  • Sensitive data in URLs/request bodies when protected by TLS
  • User data stored unencrypted on external storage and private directory.
  • Lack of obfuscation is out of scope
  • auth "app secret" hard-coded/recoverable in APK.
  • Crashes due to malformed Intents sent to exported Activity/Service/BroadcastReceive (exploiting these for sensitive data leakage is commonly in scope) and due to malformed URL Schemes
  • Invalid or missing SPF (Sender Policy Framework) records (incomplete or missing SPF/DKIM/DMARC) *Clickjacking/UI redressing with minimal security impact.
  • Distributed denial of service attacks (DDOS).
  • DNSSEC Misconfiguration
  • Lack of binary protection (anti-debugging) controls.
  • Lack of Exploit mitigations i.e., PIE, ARC, or Stack Canaries
  • Path disclosure in the binary
  • Snapshot/Pasteboard leakage
  • Runtime hacking exploits (exploits only possible in a jailbroken/rooted environment)
  • Already known issues, e.g. issues already reported by other researchers.
  • Issues that are not reproducible.
  • Vulnerabilities on sites hosted by third parties unless they lead to a vulnerability on the main website.
  • Require physical connection to the device with developer-level debugging tool including but not limited to ADB.
  • Result in an application-level crash, or simply mention the possibility of MITM or SQL injection without an exploit.
  • Scenarios requiring excessive user interaction or tricking users like phishing.
  • Exploit is based on a complex scenario or the probability of exploit is very low.
  • Reports based on information that is already public.
  • Reports based on information taken or obtained through illegal access of Confidential information.

Previously Known Issues

  • is serious about security and we do our own internal scanning and testing through a QA process. We know we can't catch everything all the time which is why we rely on the safety net of the Hacking Community to bolster our processes. We value the participation of every hacker and will be as transparent with our known issues as possible.


  • reserves the ultimate decision and will determine at its discretion whether a vulnerability is eligible for a reward and the amount of the award depending on severity.
  • MCO Metal Card awards are subject to standard KYC requirements and vetting in order to be eligible.
  • By submitting a bug, you agree to be bound by the above rules.

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