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Please note that spamming EndlessHosting 's SIGNUP / PARTNER / etc. Form is NOT acceptable. Our tests have concluded that it is NOT vulnerable to XSS so do not spam it.
Any Reports to it will be marked as Spam and the IP's found to be spamming said Forms will be banned.


No technology is perfect, and RATELIMITED believes that working with skilled security researchers across the globe is crucial in identifying weaknesses in any technology. If you believe you've found a security issue in our product or service, we encourage you to notify us. We welcome working with you to resolve the issue promptly.

Please also note that this is a points-only bounty, and monetary rewards cannot be given using our HackerOne plan.

Notice: We would like you to refrain from fully automatic penetration testing, or if unavoidable, at least please limit the requests to a minimal amount. We have had multiple hours of downtime due to DoS attacks caused by automatic tools.

Disclosure Policy

  • Let us know as soon as possible upon discovery of a potential security issue, and we'll make every effort to quickly resolve the issue.
  • Provide us a reasonable amount of time to resolve the issue before any disclosure to the public or a third-party.
  • Make a good faith effort to avoid privacy violations, destruction of data, and interruption or degradation of our service. Only interact with accounts you own or with explicit permission of the account holder.

In-scope External Applications and Services

  • EndlessHosting is a subproject of RATELIMITED, and as such, is covered by our security page. We request that you keep in mind that while something may look like a security risk (Such as an exposed panel), it may not be due to the nature of the Service.


While researching, we'd like to ask you to refrain from:

  • Denial of service
  • Spamming
  • Social engineering (including phishing) of RATELIMITED staff or contractors
  • Any physical attempts against RATELIMITED property or data centers
  • Content Spoofing
  • Spamming EH 's Signup or Partner form
  • Using a Automated Form Submission Tool is not tolerated on any of RATELIMITED 's Domains/Services.

Out of Scope

  • EH's customer sites (*, or anything that is user-generated content on the service.
  • Discord (
  • Any RLMail/RLCloud service, which are provided by Yandex
  • Atlassian-powered services (, such as Jira, Confluence, and Statuspage (
  • Insecure-Cookies as these generally do not pose a large security risk.
  • Clickjacking vulnerabilities as these also generally do not pose a large risk

Thank you for helping keep RATELIMITED and our users safe!

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