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Castor EDC VDP

Welcome to the Castor Vulnerability Disclosure Program. This program exists to

promote the responsible disclosure of security issues you may have found on

any of our assets. Please note that we do not offer monetary awards on this


At Castor, we aim to make medical research faster, better and smarter. To be

able to do this, the security of our systems and the safety of our data are

paramount for our company. We put a lot of effort into securing our websites

and systems, but there is always room for improvement. We look forward to work

with the Hackerone community to find and resolve vulnerabilities that put our

products and clients at risk.

Disclosure Policy

  • Let us know as soon as possible upon discovery of a potential security issue, and we'll make every effort to quickly resolve the issue.

  • Provide us a reasonable amount of time to resolve the issue before any disclosure to the public or a third-party.

  • Make a good faith effort to avoid privacy violations, destruction of data, and interruption or degradation of our service. Only interact with accounts you own or with explicit permission of the account holder.


While researching, we'd like to ask you to refrain from:

  • Denial of service

  • Spamming

  • Social engineering (including phishing) of Castor EDC staff or contractors

  • Any physical attempts against Castor EDC property or data centers

Out of scope vulnerabilities

When reporting vulnerabilities, please consider (1) attack scenario /

exploitability, and (2) security impact of the bug. The following issues are

considered out of scope:

  • Clickjacking on pages with no sensitive actions.

  • Unauthenticated/logout/login CSRF.

  • Attacks requiring MITM or physical access to a user's device.

  • Previously known vulnerable libraries without a working Proof of Concept.

  • Comma Separated Values (CSV) injection without demonstrating a vulnerability.

  • Missing best practices in SSL/TLS configuration.

  • Missing best practices on SPF/DKIM configurations.

  • Host header injection attacks

  • Hyperlink injection in email contents

  • Any activity that could lead to the disruption of our service (DoS).

  • Content spoofing and text injection issues without showing an attack vector/without being able to modify HTML/CSS

  • Missing session revocation on email- or password reset

  • Self XSS

Safe Harbor

Any activities conducted in a manner consistent with this policy will be

considered authorized conduct and we will not initiate legal action against

you. If legal action is initiated by a third party against you in connection

with activities conducted under this policy, we will take steps to make it

known that your actions were conducted in compliance with this policy.

Thank you for helping keep Castor EDC and our users safe!

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